A new guise for the online presence of Meguin

The mineral oil plant from Saarland gibes its website a contemporary look

September 2019 – Nothing is as old as yesterday's newspaper. Updated for the digital age, this adage also applies to websites. The Meguin mineral oil plant from Saarland has visually completely redesigned its presence on the web and to adapted it to the behavior of its users.

Anyone using the internethas not been bound to a PC or laptop for a long time. Mobile media such as smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous even in everyday working life. For the online presence of a company this has the consequence that it must be laid out as conveniently as possible for the user and adapt to the technical circumstances. This is defined by an adaptive web design – an online presence whose display and resolution automatically adapts to the screen of the respective device.

The Meguin presence has been functionally further optimized. The content continues to offer one thing: Information – about the company, about the products, about sources of supply, about contacts – simply put, about everything required for day-to-day business. The most used feature is the Oil Guide, a reliable digital assistant in the search for the right lubricant. Once this is found, the next question is where do I get it from? Help is at hand with the sources of supply search. With it the customer can find the right dealer in their area as well as sales partners at home and overseas.

And those who would like to be regularly updated on all the latest developments at Meguin can subscribe to the newsletter. That way the information is delivered directly to the customer.

By the way, the URL remains the same: www.meguin.de.

Tobias Gerstlauer

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