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  1. megol Zentralhydraulikoel
    megol Zentralhydraulikoel

    SKU: 1 l - 6304, 20 l - 8641, 60 l - 8642

    Approvals: MAN 3289

    Recommendations: BMW 81 22 9 407 758, Ford WSS-M2C 204-A, MB 345.0, Opel 1940 766, VW G 002 000, VW G 004 000, ZF TE-ML 02K

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    Special, synthetic and mineral oil-based hydraulic oil with ash-free additives to improve its viscosity, coefficient of friction, wear protection, oxidation protection, foaming and corrosion protection properties. megol Zentralhydraulikoel offers an ideal capacity for use as a central hydraulic oil in power steering and level control systems, hydraulic brake boosters and hydro-pneumatic suspension systems. megol Zentralhydraulik - oel’s special formulation guarantees an excellent cold behaviour and is therefore particularly suited for use in cold countries. The instructions issued by the manufacturers are to be followed. Learn More
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