Ernst Prost: Meguin

Ernst Prost

Ernst Prost devoted himself to selling. And to winning. So it was only logical that sooner or later he would be drawn to the top of a company with the potential to become a global brand. But before he realized this potential and made this his life's work, the son of a Bavarian factory worker and a bricklayer first got himself a solid basis by finishing school and an apprenticeship. After training as an auto mechanic, followed by a "wild period", he worked as a junior salesman and later marketing manager at a renowned manufacturer of car care products.  

In 1990, he joined LIQUI MOLY as Head of Sales and Marketing, before becoming sole managing partner in 1998. Milestones in the life and work of Ernst Prost, which he has since followed up with many others as a source of inspiration and a doer: for example, the growing number of employees year after year, the rapid growth, the acquisition of mineral oil plant Meguin in Saarlouis (Saarland) in 2006, and the expansion of global sales activities to more than 150 countries today.

In 2018, Ernst Prost sold his company shares to the Würth Group. He remains the CEO of the corporate group of LIQUI MOLY and Meguin.

From apprentice to founder

As well as selling, Ernst Prost has devoted himself to people. Values like friendship, respect, sincerity, modesty and humility are extremely important to him. He runs his company by these principles. He considers his team to be where LIQUI MOLY's main potential lies. He calls them "partners" because everyone is pulling in the same direction and they have made the company one of the most popular brands of lubricant today. Around the world.

These values are also part of the reason why he launched the ERNST PROST FOUNDATION in 2011. A non-profit organization that helps people in need through no fault of their own and enables better access to education and training for young people. "UBUNTU" – humanity, charity and community spirit are the cornerstones of his second charitable foundation: the ERNST PROST FOUNDATION FOR AFRICA. The foundation's mission is to tackle suffering, hardship, poverty and hopelessness on the spot and to thus improve the living conditions of people in Africa.