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  1. megol Zweitaktmotorenoel TC (teilsynth.)
    megol Zweitaktmotorenoel TC (teilsynth.)

    SKU: 1 l - 9025, 20 l - 4883, 200 l - 4850, 250 ml - 9026, 1000 l - 9762

    Approvals: API TC, ISO L-EGC, JASO FC, TISI (Thailand International Standards Institute)

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    High-quality, high-performance motor oil for the lubrication of two-stroke engines. Thanks to selected base oils on a synthetic and mineral base in combination with modern additive technology, ensures optimum lubrication and minimum smoke emissions (low smoke). Due to the specific viscosity setting, ideally suited both for separate and mixture lubrication in the respective specified mixture ratios of air and water-cooled two-stroke engines.
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