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  1. megol Motorenoel Ecology SAE 5W-30
    megol Motorenoel Ecology SAE 5W-30

    SKU: 1 l - 3189, 5 l - 3187, 20 l - 9472, 60 l - 9473, 200 l - 9474

    Approvals: ACEA C1

    Recommendations: Ford WSS-M2C 934-B, JASO DL-1, Mazda, Mitsubishi

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    Special motor oil with Low-SAPS technology and reduced HTHS. Specially tailored to suit the requirements of modern exhaust aftertreatment systems. Specially developed for passenger car diesel engines from Mazda and Mitsubishi. Ensures maximum service life of the diesel particulate filter as well as low wear, good engine cleanliness and long oil change intervals.
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