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  1. megol Motorenoel Evolution LL IV SAE 0W-20
    megol Motorenoel Evolution LL IV SAE 0W-20

    SKU: 1 l - 33026, 5 l - 33058, 20 l - 33074, 60 l - 33027, 200 l - 33059

    Approvals: ACEA C5, Porsche C20, VW 508 00, VW 509 00

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    High-performance low-friction motor oil based on modern synthetic technology. As Longlife IV lubricant, optimizes fuel consumption and achieves additional fuel savings of approx. 1.5 % compared to the already fuel-optimized Longlife III. The reduced viscosity in combination with our additive package ensures excellent cold-start behavior, increases the efficiency of the engine and provides optimum wear protection and outstanding engine cleanliness. Ideally suited for extended oil change intervals (WIV, etc.) and heavy duty engine requirements. Specially developed for the requirements of various vehicle models from Audi, Seat, Škoda, Porsche and VW. Also suitable for vehicles with automatic start-stop system.
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