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  1. megol Hypoid-Getriebeoel GL5 SAE 80W-90
    megol Hypoid-Getriebeoel GL5 SAE 80W-90

    SKU: 1 l - 4868, 20 l - 4827, 60 l - 4829, 200 l - 4830

    Approvals: API GL5, ZF approval number ZF001998, ZF TE-ML 16B, ZF TE-ML 17B, ZF TE-ML 19B, ZF TE-ML 21A

    Recommendations: MAN 342 Typ M1, MB 235.0, MIL-L 2105 D

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    Temperature and oxidation-resistant multi-grade gearbox oil with active agents to reduce wear on bearings and tooth flanks. Special additives prevent rust and foam formation. Suitable for use as a hypoid gearbox oil with a wide range of applications in vehicle gearboxes such as end drives and change gearboxes, where EP gearbox oils of this class are recommended. Learn More
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