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  1. megol Hypoid-Getriebeoel Axle LS SAE 85W-90
    megol Hypoid-Getriebeoel Axle LS SAE 85W-90

    SKU: 20 l - 7016

    Approvals: API GL5, ZF approval number ZF001345, ZF TE-ML 05C, ZF TE-ML 21C

    Recommendations: DAF, GM B 40 1010, MIL-L 2105 D, Volvo (Axles/limited slip differential), Volvo 97311, ZF TE-ML 12C

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    A high-quality hypoid gear oil which has been developed for use under the extreme conditions which are encountered especially in vehicles with limited slip differential. It contains special additives, which in addition to outstanding EP properties also mean that the oil is capable of altering the frictional coefficient between the clutch plates in such a way as to prevent stick-slip and its consequential judder. The product therefore satisfies the special requirements of all reputable motor vehicle manufacturers for limited slip differentials. Learn More
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