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  1. megol Hypoid-Getriebeoel GL5 SAE 75W-140 LS
    megol Hypoid-Getriebeoel GL 5 SAE 75W-140 LS

    SKU: 3536 - 1 l

    Approvals: API GL5, VME

    Recommendations: BMW rear-axle gear oil, Ford WSL-M2C 192-A, Scania STO 1:0, ZF TE-ML 05D, ZF TE-ML 12D, ZF TE-ML 16G

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    Fully synthetic gearbox oil with LS-additive (LS = limited slip) for use in motor vehicles, preferably BMW’s with locked axle systems and in axles, manual gearboxes and auxiliary drives with extended oil-change intervals in commercial vehicles. Megol Hypoid-Getriebeoel GL 5 SAE 75W-140 LS is suited for a wide temperature range because of the adjusted SAE-class. Learn More
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