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Meguin Visco Safe is a modern, mono-functional high-performance additive for stabilizing the viscosity of motor oils. Meguin Visco Safe offers outstanding protection against mechanical and therefore permanent shear losses to the oil under extreme running conditions and is effective against the thinning of motor oils due to frequent cold starts. For all passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles, gasoline and diesel engines in new and used vehicles.


  • based on mono-functional, polymer viscosity index (VI) improver using the most up-to-date additive technology. Improves the viscosity/ temperature properties of motor oils by reducing the decline in viscosity with increasing temperature. It does not act as a pour point depressant or flow improver.
  • is fully compatible with today’s mineral-oil and synthetic-oil based gasoline and diesel motor oils.
  • the VI improver technology satisfies all the strict performance requirements of today’s multi-purpose motor oils - only raises the viscosity slightly in cold engines and therefore maintains favorable starting and friction properties of low viscosity multi-purpose oils at low temperatures and high shear (high engine speeds), Meguin Visco Safe provides the necessary lubrication reliability of a high –viscosity oil.
  • stabilizes and corrects the loss in viscosity in motor oil caused by e.g. shear stress betweenthe piston and the cylinder wall in the engine. It maintains the lubrication reliability of motor oils between oil changes.
  • the increase in the viscosity of the motor oil at temperatures by approx. one SAE class provides more load-bearing lubrication - the engine wear is reduced and the sealing of moving engine components is improved.
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