Base dealers

The customer proximity factor

Close cooperation with our customers is decisive for our success. Listening, thinking, tinkering - a triad that constantly produces new products and concepts, for the distribution of which our dealers are an elementary building block. They are the most important sales partners and represent the Meguin brand as the first point of contact in their region. Our medium-sized customers purchase our products directly from them. The large-scale industry, on the other hand, is serviced directly by our own sales force.

The internationality factor 

The world is our market! We do not leave opportunities for growth arising from the opening ofnew global markets up to chance. Instead, we rely on our expertise, vision and the consistently high quality of our products all around the world in order to position Meguin globally together with our international sales partners. We are there for you – wherever and whenever you needus. You can put your trust in our decades of experience on the international markets.