Success factors of our quality lubricants. Since 1847.

The human factor

We have the products. We have the technology. We have the capacity. And above all: We have the people. Their ideas, their creative power and their commitment form the basis for our continual growth. In order to safeguard this, we regularly create new jobs and continue to commit ourselves to the location of Germany. Quality lubricants made in Germany. Manufactured in our state-of-the-art production, filling and packaging plants at our Saarlouis location.

The progress factor

Development means teamwork. We involve our customers and work together to advance projects. Our oil specialists are valuable partners in the event of requests for special products. We also maintain close contact with the automotive industry because only those companies that satisfy the specifications of the vehicle manufacturers obtain manufacturer approval for the motor oil. There is a reason that our oils have the most current approvals. Progress also means always looking at least one step ahead. We therefore continue to develop innovations in order to start building tomorrow’s success today. Together with you.

The environment factor

Environmentally sound manufacturing processes and compliance with the strictest environmental specifications are of the utmost importance to us. A striking example here is the complex pigging technology in our central recipe storage tanks with matrix distributor. Here the lines of our eight main production lines are cleaned with the greatest efficiency upon every recipe change before filling the new oil. The result: considerably less flushing oil. An investment that has positive environmental effects. Environmental compatibility is also the highest priority for our products. We maintain close contact to the Federal Environment Office for this reason. Further proof: The Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology has proven the environmentally friendly effects of additives on oils and fuels.