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  1. Meguin Bremsenreiniger
    Meguin Bremsenreiniger

    SKU: 4819 - 5 l, 4892 - 20 l, 4820 - 60 l, 8483 - 500 ml

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    Universal cleaner for rapid cleaning and degreasing of small components in the automotive and industrial sector. For brakes, clutches, transmissions, and for use in fitting and repair work. Removes oil and grease spots from floor coverings, materials and linings.
    Application: Spray contaminated components and allow to drain. After the solvent has evaporated, the parts are free of grease and clean.

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  2. Meguin Multi-Purpose Spray
    Meguin Multi Funktions-Spray

    SKU: 8447 - 400 ml

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    Lubricates moving parts, eliminates squeaking and enables permanent smooth running, looses stiff, rusted screw connections and protects electrical components and contacts against oxidation. The liquid tool for thousands of possible applications, such as hinges, rollers, locks, Bowden cables, screw and plug-in connections, contacts etc., in the workshop and industry as well as in the household and garden and for hobbies.
    Application: Generously spray the surfaces or components to be treated. Depending on the application area, briefly allow to take effect and continue with the work as needed.

    Note: De-energize electrical components before treatment and do not create any sparks until the propellant volatilizes (approx. 10 minutes)

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  3. Meguin Rust Solvent
    Meguin Rostlöser

    SKU: 8450 - 300 ml

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    Loosens stiff, rusted screw connection quickly and reduces the friction as well as the effort when loosening. This considerably reduces the danger of damaging the threads or breaking off the screw connections. Meguin Rust Solvent was developed to help loosen all screw connections without problems or damage in industry and the workshop, on motor vehicles and on all household and hobby appliances, etc.
    Application: Generously spray the screw connections to be treated. Depending on the condition of the screw connection, briefly allow the Rust Solvent to take effect, repeating the procedure as needed, and carefully loosen the screw joint. Learn More
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