The tradition factor

The roots of our mineral oil company stretch back into 1847. Lubricants for carriages, grease for horse hooves and linseed oils were in great demand as the pace of industrialization in Germany increased. It was a demand that back then the company‘s founder, Gustav Meguin, was well able to satisfy. This profound understanding of the needs of customers remains one of the pillars of our success.



In 1847 Gustav Meguin started his company. He manufactured hoof grease,linseed oil and wagon lubricants.


In 1890 the product range was extended to include lubricants for the steel industry, mineral oil and technical grease required by early motorisation.

1948 - 1959

In 1948 production restarted on a larger scale. Mineral oil and lubricants from Meguin were urgently required for rebuilding industry in Saarland.


After around a year of construction, the new fuel depot is beginning operation. A total of ten storage tanks of the same capacity offer space for 18,000 cubic metres.


2014 - 2017

The group of companies is investing around 20 million euros in new laboratories, underground tanks and a central recipe tank farm with matrix distribution, filling systems for canisters and drums, the installation of packing robots and a system-supported label warehouse.


To ensure the highest quality of all MÉGUIN products the company has extended the laboratory in 2015. That ensures that all MÉGUIN lubricants will constantly meet the highest standards. With this investment the research department also has gained new possibilities to develop new and even better formulations.


Meguin today

Lubricant specialist with a full range of automotive and industrial products, system partner for mineral oil and technical trade. Technology and innovation partner for industry with worldwide sales and customer proximity.