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Description Mild cleaning agent which is neutral to the skin and thoroughly removes even the heaviest contamination such as oils, greases, tar, bitumen, printing inks and more with out excessive stress on the skin. this has been confirmed in numerous dermatological tests. Meguin Hand Wash paste is a wood-flour-based cleaning agent that contains no solvents. The pH value has been adjusted to be slightly acid but it is within the skin-neutral range. This product is essentially based on materials from renewable resources.
Meguin Hand Wash Paste has been dermatologically tested, is pH neutral and has been subject to extensive medical skin tests. Because it is a very high quality product, meguin Hand Wash Paste has always proved to be a success. The formulation, which contains a carefully selected combination of surfactants, promotes the removal of contamination in a skin-friendly manner and leaves a pleasant feel to the skin.
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