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  1. megol Zweitaktmotorenoel GD (vollsynthetisch)
    megol Zweitaktmotorenoel GD (vollsynthetisch)

    SKU: 1 l - 6523, 20 l - 8603, 60 l - 8830

    Approvals: API TC, Husqvarna, ISO L-EGD, JASO FD

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    Two-stroke motor oil based on synthetic base oils and modern additive technology. Meets or exceeds the highest requirements for two-stroke engines for on-road and off-road use. Extremely low-smoke and residue-free combustion; protects engine and exhaust system against deposits. Thanks to its fully synthetic composition, thermally highly stable and extremely wear-reducing. Thanks to its optimum viscosity level, enables safe use for both separate and mixture lubrication in the respective specified mixture ratio in air and water-cooled two-stroke engines of land vehicles. Also suitable for use in air-cooled high-performance two-stroke engines in motor saws.
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