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  1. megol Hypoid-Getriebeoel GL4+ SAE 75W-90
    megol Hypoid-Getriebeoel GL4+ SAE 75W-90

    SKU: 1 l - 9205, 20 l - 8616, 60 l - 6668, 200 l - 8618

    Approvals: API GL4+

    Recommendations: Ford ESD-M2C 175-A, MIL-L 2105, VW 501 50 (G50), ZF TE-ML 08A

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    Fully synthetic multi-grade gearbox oil with anti-corrosion and high pressure properties for low and high temperatures. Reduction of friction helps reduce fuel consumption. Multi-purpose gearbox oil with a wide range of uses in vehicle gearboxes, in particular manual transmissions. At low temperatures it eliminates gear shifting problems and noise development in manual transmissions. As a result of its fully synthetic base oils, together with modern additive technology, this lubricant guarantees outstanding wear protection in all operating conditions in both summer and winter, and is even suitable for Arctic conditions. Learn More
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