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  1. megol Hypoid-Getriebeoel GL5 SAE 80W-90
    megol Hypoid-Getriebeoel GL5 SAE 80W-90

    SKU: 1 l - 4868, 20 l - 4827, 60 l - 4829, 200 l - 4830

    Approvals: API GL5, ZF approval number ZF001998, ZF TE-ML 16B, ZF TE-ML 17B, ZF TE-ML 19B, ZF TE-ML 21A

    Recommendations: MAN 342 Typ M1, MB 235.0, MIL-L 2105 D

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    Temperature and oxidation-resistant multi-grade gearbox oil with active agents to reduce wear on bearings and tooth flanks. Special additives prevent rust and foam formation. Suitable for use as a hypoid gearbox oil with a wide range of applications in vehicle gearboxes such as end drives and change gearboxes, where EP gearbox oils of this class are recommended. Learn More
  2. megol Getriebeoel Truck-Synth SAE 75W-90
    megol Getriebeoel Truck-Synth SAE 75W-90

    SKU: 1 l - 9203, 20 l - 8626, 60 l - 8627, 200 l - 8628

    Approvals: API GL4, API GL5, API MT-1, MAN 341 Typ Z2, MAN 342 Typ S1, MB-Approval 235.8, Scania STO 2:0A, ZF approval number ZF001291, ZF TE-ML 02B, ZF TE-ML 05A, ZF TE-ML 12L, ZF TE-ML 12N, ZF TE-ML 16F, ZF TE-ML 17B, ZF TE-ML 19C, ZF TE-ML 21A

    Recommendations: DAF, DFS 93K219.01 Detroit, MAN 3343 Typ S, MAN 341 Typ E3, MAN 342 Typ M3, MIL-PRF 2105 E, SAE J 2360, Scania STO 1:0, Volvo 97312, ZF TE-ML 07A, ZF TE-ML 08, ZF TE-ML 12B

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    Fully synthetic multi grade low friction gearbox oil. According to manufacturer recommendations, this gear oil is to be used all over the year in all gear boxes, in particular manual transmissions, hypoid gearboxes, transaxle-systems and any side-gears. To be TDL-Gear oil (total drive line) all lubrication requirements of modern commercial vehicles for the total power transmissions system will be satisfied. As result of its fully synthetic base oil, together with hightech additives, megol Getriebeoel Truck-Synth SAE 75W-90 guaranties excellent viscosity and temperature stability over long periods, essantie together with an increased low stability and wear reduction. Learn More
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